Budapest REU Math Program

2024 Program Announcement

As in the previous summers, we will again organize a research experience for undergraduates (REU) in July 2024. The core idea of the program stays the same, but we made some changes starting this year.
Some of the groups will run in Hungarian and some in English, as we expect a small number of international participants. Knowing English is not a requirement but its a plus.
To apply, you must be currently enrolled in a BSc/MSc program in math and to have completed at least 3 semesters of it. This means that BSc freshmen can no longer apply (azaz elsősök nem jelentkezhetnek). Applicants are expected to have an excellent track record and show commitment.
We plan to have six groups with four participants in each. This is to make sure that the groups can function even if someone becomes unavailable. Each group is mentored by an expert researcher, selected by the organizers.
The duration of the workshop is 1 July - 2 August (five weeks). Everyone is allowed to miss one week of it due to other engagements, but please indicate these in advance when applying. Preference is given to applicants who are more available.
The participants receive a salary of about 300,000 forints (only those from Hungary and other EU countries!) and we hope to be able to arrange a limited number of dormitory places for those who require it.
The location of the workshop will be the Math Institute of ELTE (Pázmány Péter sétány 1/c Budapest).
To apply, fill out this form by 20 April (EXTENDED DEADLINE!). Before applying, get acquainted with the available topics and rank them according to your preferences. If none of us knows you personally, please send a short CV to the manager of the program, Sára Pituk, to pituksari GUESSWHATCHARACTER gmail ANOTHERMYSTERIOUSCHARACTER com. If you have further questions about the program and the application process, make contact at the same email address.


MTA Rényi Lendület Csoportok és Gráfok Kutatócsoport (Abért Miklós)
MTA-ELTE Lendület Matroid Optimalizálás és Diszkrét Konvexitás Kutatócsoport (Bérczi Kristóf)
MTA Rényi Lendület Leszámlálás Ritka Gráfokban Kutatócsoport (Csikvári Péter)
MTA-BME Lendület Aritmetikai Kombinatorika Kutatócsoport (Pach Péter Pál)
MTA-ELTE Lendület Kombinatorikus Geometria Kutatócsoport (Pálvölgyi Dömötör)